what is OTDR?

Hello everyone ,I will explain what is an OTDR and it’s applications.OTDR means optical time-domain reflectometer.OTDR checks the reflected light from the fiber. And the test along time shown at the yellow trace line in this blog.

The fiber which we connect to OTDR is called a launch cable the launch cable then connected the fiber which we want to test .An OTDR provides a view of the fiber link by reading the level of light that is reflected back from the fiber.

Complete about otdr it’s brand of exfo

There are actually two types of light. The first type is a constant low level reflection created by the fiber cod. The second type of reflection is called a Fresnel reflection when the light is an abrupt change in refractive index.

How to use OTDR?

This is our main menu in OTDR.It’s brand of Exfo.

OTDR main menu
OTDR main menu

First of all you make a new folder for file save the test results.Open file manager and just press there type new folder. Any name which you like or want.

Otdr file manager
Otdr File manager display

After finish make folder go to main menu and press OTDR.It’s OTDR display. You can see left side three options are wavelength you can set any one which you need. Next option for kilometer you can set which one you need five kilometer 10 or 20. It’s up to 400 hundred kilometers.

Next option for pulses you can set here nano second micro second three nanosecond five million nanosecond like this 2.4 microsecond.

Next option for duration mean you can set time for test 5 second 10 seconds. 15 seconds 13 seconds and 45 seconds etc. If you want to take auto test then press just auto. It will measure auto no need to set range pulse or duration.

Exo OTDR Display setting

Otdr display
Otdr TESTING display

Now we go in identification there you can make identify your fiber which one you want to take test. There more options you can write operator name and write there location A and B and press ok.

Now we go in test configuration. maybe here we no need to change anything . because there already setting everything just press ok.

Now we go in user preference this is the important menu. You can set here any folder which you you make before for save test file.

Otdr user preferences menu

Now if you want to take auto then press auto button. if you want to manually then here select any range pulse duration.

User preferences
Auto button

Some about Exfo OTDR

it’s very simple and useful otdr you can use normally. It’s not have to much difficult menus and options. Its simple you learn easily and make test with this.i used until now before 3 years. and i recomend you. if you want to buy otdr then only one best choice Exfo.

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