Part 1

I will be showing you how to make an automatic Transformer. Switch from a double pole double really.Now this one is going to be as follows voltage so it’s okay to use this for an automatic transfer switch. You could use a manual double potable source which I want this to be automatic.

Automatic Transformer
Auto Transformer

So basically on the bottom here 1 & 2 unknown would close 3 & 4 normally open 5 6 a your common 7 & 8 are your coil. I’m gonna explain how all this works. I’m showing you how you can make an automatic transfer switch.

So need our sauce and again I made power supply. I’m going to get a strobe siren really I could use to sturb sirens but I’m not going to gonna use 1 stroke zone 4e.

Automatic Transformer

Part 2

I’m not sure probably the second train and the multimeter for the main power indication. SIL they put my multimeter 20 volts I have a multimeter how to use it like a multimeter.

Multi meter

So basically you have the name. Basically you have the main power coming. How to solder as well. I’m gonna go and check that out when I give power to the coil from Neil main supply.

My power supply next thing you’re into his don’t you get your backup source in this case. I’m just gonna use a novel battery then you want to get going to the montseny the lead and just connect.It up to the coil so that I can tell when the main power is up.That you guys can see it put this up. Same I’m going to get the so then let’s sit and multimeter.

So let’s say some let’s get rid of this strip size. Who say the multimeter is a load so we have. It hooked up to the main power source. We’re going to get we’re going to go from normally-closed into a switch. If you want to be able to isolate. Your second resource which you do. So into a switch then into the second and just find another wire got an old jumper cable.

Automatic Transformer


That doesn’t have an alligator clip from it. So just soldered that one here quickly.So then what you want to do is. You want to basically hook up the I call power to the to the common of one. You read these sides so then that will go to there. Then need another wire which will go to so then you want to basically connect the negative of your load.

Automatic Transformer

Then to the normally closed. All some of what’s it called I feel negative really set.Then you want to get the positive of your load. Took that I’m sure other one talk to that one she’ll load and you need to get a common. That will go to the battery you’ll back up so then you see. When I connect my battery up she has one vote for some reason not sure.

3D substation

Why it’s so dead but just is I guess hopefully we give power to did. I say that you see has power. If we connect this up should I back up his connector and then pretend the power goes out. This is the passage ready she’s gonna go to the back tree palace. I’ll be using this in my fire alarm system.

If the power goes out. It can switch to battery backup without me having to go there and manually change. What it is at the moment so very very useful thing. I don’t recommend doing this full light mains voltage stuff. I’m just using this for low voltage so it’s fine. That was the do see your own risk.

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