I’m going to explain cathode and anode differences . so the first point under cathode is so cathode is the electrode at which reduction takes place reduction takes place so for anode. It is the electrode at which oxidation takes place now reduction means electro negation which is electron gain and for anode oxidation takes place so oxidation means delectation or loss of electron.

Cathode and Anode Quick differences
Cathode and anode

So oxidation means de-electronation and reduction means electron egation  cathode is the electrode at which reduction takes place an anode is the electrode at which oxidation takes place so this is the definition for cathode and anode. You cannot define cathode and anode using any sine that is a negative and positive because the sine convention depends upon the device which we are talking about. If we are talking about a galvanic cell the sign convention is different and if we are talking about an electrolytic cell the sign convention will be something other.

So this will be the second point that is the sine convention of cathode anode so for a galvanic cell the cathode is positive and for anode the anode is negative for a galvanic cell now let’s move on to for an electrolytic cell for an electrolytic cell the cathode is negative and anode is positive for the electrolytic cell. So in a galvanic cell or a voltaic cell the electrons generated due to oxidation flow through an external wire from anode to cathode at the cathode electrons are consumed due to reduction hence the anode in a galvanic cell is given a negative sign as the negatively charged.

Electrons flow away from it so the cathode is a positive charge and for an electrolytic cell in case of an electrolytic cell an external dc source transfers the electrons from the anode to the cathode as a result of which the anode becomes positively charged and the cathode is  negatively charged. So for an electrolytic cell the anode is positive and the cathode is negative as.

I have shown here for an electrolytic cell the cathode is negative and the anode is positive so these were the differences between cathode and anode at last i will show a diagram so you can easily remember that at anode oxidation takes place and that cathode reduction takes place.

So you can easily remember it by remembering this red cat and ox that cat indicates cathode reduction oxidation anode red cat and rocks i also have a diagram which shows the cat at the cathode position and the ox at the anode position so remember cathode reduction oxidation anode so this was all about cathode and anode.

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